Monitize your customer base

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Is it possible to make money out of the supply of trading tools to your customers?

Trading tools can be critical for attracting and retaining customers. Sourcing these tools is challenging. With competition increasing, trading revenue decreasing and customer expectations growing, finding a supplier who can deliver these at a suitable feature/price point is difficult.

The best price would be free. Actually an even better price would be if the supplier paid you to use their tools.

Motif Markets has partnered with Xiadtech who specialise in advertising services for applications. Their ad-tech is designed for deep integration into applications providing:

  • advertisers with more effective advertising
  • greater revenue for publishers and retailers
  • users with a more harmonious experience of advertising

This technology is currently being incorporated into all our front end trading applications: Motif, ArcLight and MotifXL.

Contact us to find out more about how trading tools can better monitize your customer base.