Motif Markets not only supplies our exchange/brokerage systems adapted to your environments, we also license the intellectual property behind the systems. The benefits to our customers are:

  • The ability to use their internal engineering staff or external 3rd parties to further customise and enhance our systems to better meet their needs.
  • Their technical staff can review aspects of the design to better provide support to their end users or improve their internal operations.
  • No lock-in into the original supplier (ourselves) for support. This ensures that any support offerings provided by Motif Markets remain competitive.

In addition, having a business model of licensing Intellectual Property provides us with a large incentive to aggresively improve the capabilities of our systems. After all, if we have already supplied you with our source code and we want repeat business, we need to make sure we can provide you with good reasons to upgrade.

Companies such as ARM holdings have shown how business models based on IP licensing can drive innovation through an industry. We believe that the trading exchange industry is ready for this type of innovation.

Contact one of our consultants for more information about our IP Licensing offerings.